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The Voices

Lamenting today about so much – feeling blue

On self-perceived dismal parenting skills, and short temper too

A friend said, “Stop listening to the damaging voices in your head!”

So I tried blocking out the ugly things they said

I did it! So happy, but then

They told me I’m pretty & having a good hair day

Sigh. Now we’re talking once again.

The Surprise in My Pants

The other day I had a toy

A tiny little dinosaur

He was cute, small, I called him Dug

I carried him everywhere, even the store

But after my dinner Dug was missing

And I cried a little tear

I had lost Dug never to be found

(Little did I know he was so near)

As I pulled down my undies to take a bath

Something landed with a tiny splash

I looked in the bath and who did I see?

Dug, so small smiling up at me!

He’d been in my underwear all this time?

How he got there is sure a mystery

The Same’s

I’d like to buy the toy by the guy who says “bye”

And sail in the ship that’s on sale

I’d like to eat two too many tootsie rolls

And pray to never be a dinos prey

I’d like to hear the band play near here

And know that no means no

But all these sames make my head spin

And now I have to go

My Monster

There’s a monster under my bed

With glowing eyes and a giant head

I’ve never seen or heard him it’s true

But I know he’s lurking planning evil to do

He’s there each night as I lay to sleep

And soon he’ll come creeping to tear off my sheet

I wish he’d come out cause he’s been there 6 years

Making sure each night I fall asleep in fear

I know there IS a monster under my bed

But…. I’m beginning to think……

My monsters dead.

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